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Luke Perry - Riverdale

Luke Perry is in the hospital right now. And unfortunately, it sounds serious. The Beverly Hills 90210 actor was rushed to emergency medical treatment after he reportedly suffered a massive stroke. Here's what we know about the situation.

As it was reported by Variety, paramedics quickly went to Luke Perry's Los Angeles residence after they received a call from that address on Thursday morning. Shortly thereafter, he was taken to a hospital located nearby. The actor's medical status is currently unclear at this time, although it was believed that Perry's condition was critical. He is currently "under observation" at the hospital, according to his reps.

In addition to his popular part on Beverly Hills 90210, where he played the role of Dylan McKay, Luke Perry is well-known for his ongoing role on Riverdale, where he plays the role of Archie's dad. The terrible news is particularly unlucky since it comes out only one day after it was announced by Fox that Beverly Hills 90210 would be the latest retro show to return to television for a six-episode revival.

Fellow former Beverly Hills 90210 cast members Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling are all slated to return. Perry's involvement with this recently-revealed renewal was left unclear due to his involvement with the popular series on The CW. However, Spelling said Perry would be incorporated into "as many" episodes "as he can do" with this revival, which makes the medical news all-the-more disheartening to hear.

In any case, this news is deeply unfortunate for fans of Luke Perry. The TV actor is only 52, and he is in the midst of a new career high with the continued success of Riverdale and his prominent involvement with the quirky graphic novel adaptation.

At this time, neither The CW nor Warner Bros. Television has made a public announcement about Luke Perry's sudden medical emergency. Though that is likely to change, especially given the reported severity of the situation. It's unclear if this medical distress is going to impact production on Riverdale -- although the most important factor is, of course, Perry's personal safety and well-being at this time.

Given how recent this hospital news is at this time, it is hard to know for sure what is happening with Luke Perry at this particular moment. There will certainly be more updates to come, and we will keep you posted as best we can. Of course, given the sensitivity of the situation, such details might be fleeting for the next day or two -- or maybe more. In any case, we'll be sure to keep you updated on what we know.

Here's wishing Luke Perry a safe and quick recovery at this difficult time. For the latest news in film, TV, pop culture and more, check back with us at CinemaBlend.