School Of Rock Star Arrested Over Stolen Guitars

Joey Gaydos Jr. - School of Rock

Since his acting debut in 2003's surprise hit School of Rock, there haven't been a lot of people who've seen Joey Gaydos Jr. since he played Zack, i.e. "Zack-Attack," in the studio comedy. That's because the child actor opted not to pursue a career in front of the camera after his cinematic introduction, and that popular title remains the only one seen on his IMDb page to date. But he has continued to rock, and with a few shortcomings that haven't been saved by the royalty checks provided by the film, Gaydos Jr. recently found himself in a whole lot of trouble with a few guitars.

In Florida, Joey Gardos Jr. is currently facing four charges of larceny and grand theft after the one-time child actor was caught trying to steal guitars and an amplifier on four different occasions. As it was reported by Metro, these four robbery attempts occurred throughout the past five weeks, so he was clearly adamant about getting these guitars (and amplifier) as soon as possible, despite what laws might restrict him from doing so. And based on the police reports, Gardos Jr. wasn't exactly stealthy or extra sneaky with his stealing attempts.

Specifically, Joey Gardos Jr. would ask local guitar store owners if he could test the instruments. Then, once the guitar was in his hands, he would make a run for it. Once he got ahold of the instruments and steered clear of the store, however, Gardos Jr. wouldn't rock with him. He would simply sell them to pawn shops, hoping to score some quick, illegal money off his efforts. It sounds like times are tough for the musician if he is resorting to petty theft to make fast change. The police believe it's related to a drug problem, which is quite unfortunate to hear.

When it comes to the guitars stolen by Joey Gardos Jr., the police report claims he grabbed a a black Fender Stratocaster, which is valued at $699, a Les Paul Epiphone Prophecy, which holds a $800 tag, and a Gibson Les Paul gold top, worth $1,900. Certainly, Gardos was looking for a few pricey instruments to pawn, and all four of those times, he ultimately got him caught by the police.

The Richard Linklater film continues to hold a special place in the hearts of viewers everywhere, both young and old. And that widespread appreciation for the cult film is felt in droves, particularly with a hit Broadway musical and a Nickelodeon TV series inspired by Mike White's original screenplay. But it is common knowledge that child actors don't always have, shall we say, the smoothest transitions into adulthood. That early fame is a blessing and it's a curse, as it has been proven time-and-time again; it doesn't always benefit these youngsters to skyrocket into fandom at such an early, impressionable age.

It is wrong to assume anything about Joey Gaydos Jr. — most especially since he's been away from the public spotlight for several years now. But it's distressing to know that the former actor has taken a downward spiral with this criminal activity.

Will Ashton

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