Jack Black Surprised The New School Of Rock Cast, Here's What Happened

While movies are often criticized for their repeated use of, really, any other existing property in order to find material for their films, the Broadway stage is just as guilty of using movies to find material for new musicals. Such is the case for the newest musical based on a hit film, School of Rock. The original film starred Jack Black as an aspiring rock star who enlists an elementary school class to help him compete in a battle of the bands. The actor recently attended a performance of the musical and then went backstage afterward to meet the entire cast. It turns out he loved the performance. Which he wasn’t entirely sure would be the case.

The School of Rock musical has been in performances since December and the production had been dying to show Jack Black what they had accomplished. However, the actor was hesitant to see it. He tells Billboard, that he has very strong feeling about School of Rock and it sounds like he wasn’t sure he wanted to see anybody else telling the story. 

You know, before coming, I wasn't sure. I'm so protective of the movie -- it's kind of the best thing I've done in my life -- but I was thrilled to see that they had taken it to a whole new level. Not only was it an homage but it's an incredible theatrical experience on its own.

In addition to praising the production, Jack Black also signed a guitar for one actor and he embraced Alex Brightman, the actor who plays his role in the musical. Then, the entire cast took a photo together.


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Jack Black has always been a performer with one foot in acting and another in music. Most were likely introduced to Black as a member of the metal duo Tenacious D, or through his supporting role in the film High Fidelity, where he played a snobby record store employee. This love of music made his role in School of Rock as a substitute teacher who wants to be a rocker absolutely perfect. The role is probably the one for which Jack Black is best known. It’s his highest-rated starring role on Rotten Tomatoes and was a solid box office hit when it was released in 2003. Broadway isn’t the only place where the story is currently being adapted. Nickelodeon is in production on a School of Rock TV series that started airing in March.

It looks like the School of Rock is still going strong. Let us know if you’ve seen the musical, or any others based on movies that you thought were good. 

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