Alec Baldwin wants to be left alone. He’s spent decades in the public eye, giving interviews, interacting with the press, and now, he just wants to go about the business of acting without a whole lot of fanfare. So, like any hyper-emotional, deeply bitter creative type, he recently decided to announce he was stepping away from public life by publishing a fascinating, extremely honest letter riddled with middle fingers at those who wronged him.

That letter ran today on Vulture, and it reads like the written embodiment of every single reason so many people love and hate the award winning actor. It’s pompous, funny, accusatory, mean-spirited, random, referential and aggressively honest. It’s a giant slice of Baldwin, and it takes no prisoners.

By the time it’s over, the letter namechecks more than a dozen people, and Baldwin makes it very clear how he feels about each. So, let’s touch on some of the highlights and talk about the five people he hit the hardest.

TMZ Editor In Chief Harvey Levin
Backstory: Baldwin blames Levin for much of his current public perception problem. Last year, TMZ ran video it claimed showed the actor using a hompophobic slur against a reporter. Baldwin immediately denied it, claiming the muffled audio actually captured him saying “cocksucking fathead”. Either way, that issue is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to problems between the two men, the most pressing of which involves that vicious voicemail Baldwin left for his daughter that TMZ published.

Quote: “I get angry, and I’ve said all sorts of things in anger, but I’d never use that word. Levin has so little regard for the truth, which is odd, knowing he was once a legal correspondent for the CBS affiliate in L.A. He’s also the one who revealed the tape that my ex-wife’s lawyers provided of me yelling at my daughter seven years ago. Knowing that none of it would have transpired if I hadn’t left the message in the first place, I think he hurt my daughter more than anyone.”

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