We are deep in the throes of the holidays, now, and with New Year’s Eve approaching, the Center for Biological Diversity has a special gift planned, in the hopes that people will raise awareness for endangered species in a unique way. The group has plans to hand out 50,000 condoms over the next few days at different events across all 50 states. Over 600 volunteers have already signed on to help with the condom distribution.

The condoms are part of the 7 Billion and Counting campaign, created to help young people take a look at the procreation choices they are making and how the growth of population affects the wild animals living in the world. The condoms are by no means a new idea. In 2009, the center began distributing condoms of a similar ilk, which feature a variety of fluffy animals with cure catchphrases on the packaging, including, “Wrap with care, save the polar bear.” Since 2009, the center has given out 450,000 of the endangered species condoms in total, giving them out in locations as diverse as healthcare centers and nightclub owners.

They may not be a new idea, but they are a conversation piece, and they certainly might make an impact, which should be what the Center for Biological Diversity is hoping for. However, I would feel a little weird about carrying one of these around in case of need. I’m not sure how thinking about multitudes of poor animals dying could ever get anyone in the mood. They do make for cute packaging, however.

Photo Credit: @Center for Biological Diversity

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