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Adorable Alert: Watch These 2 Kittens Escape From Their Enclosure

Have you ever put an animal in an enclosed area, later spotted him out of said area and wondered how the hell the little guy managed to get out? YouTube user Throwingbull recently looked after a cat named Autumn and her two kittens Pumpkin and Squash. Convinced the two little ones might try to escape, he put up a wall, turned a camera on and went in the other room.

Not surprisingly, it takes all of about forty-five seconds for the kittens to free themselves. Take a look at the adorable footage below…

I love how the mom shows up, sees the kittens escaping, decides to do absolutely nothing about it and just watches amused as the last one continues the climb over the fence. She has no interest whatsoever in going to find humans because really, she probably sees no reason why the kittens should be sequestered in the first place.

Considering the owner slapped some cool music onto the footage and put it online, I’m gonna go ahead and assume he wasn’t too concerned about them breaking free either, which is a good thing. It’s hard to get mad at little ones for wanting to go spend time with their mom even if the journey could be fraught with some low levels of danger.

If you’re excited about this video and want to keep the kitten ball rolling, just hop on over to YouTube. I’ve never seen an actual percentage, but I’m pretty confident at least one out of every twenty videos on the site involves at least one cat.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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