Have you ever been lying in bed after a long day and wondered where all the time went? Recently, a father decided to set up a recorder and tape himself and his young son to figure out exactly that. The resulting footage certainly answered his question, but thanks to its incredible cuteness, it has been racing around the Internet ever since.

From hiding in the toy box to tipping things to taking off his shirt, this kid little kid has a hell of an afternoon, and each step of the way, his dad is hanging out beside him. Go ahead and watch the good times roll below…

My favorite part of this video is the clean up that happens prior to mom getting home. No doubt she would be less than pleased to arrive back and see the living room looking like a toy bomb exploded inside it. Fortunately, the little kid seems to understand the importance of the activity too, and he actually helps out like a champion.

This video will definitely inspire plenty of playtime time lapse copycats, but actually, the reason why this clip is so successful is because of all the intelligent breaks in the pace it takes. By slowing down long enough to see the little kid making his shot inside the toy box, it really humanizes the whole thing and makes the viewer understand exactly how much time really lapsed.

If this little kid has half as much fun as this on a regular basis, he’ll be in for a wonderful childhood.

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