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Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To Murder Her Vagina

Amanda Bynes went through a pretty rough stretch last year. Well, let’s just be honest. She was kind of a hot mess. She got pulled over more than half a dozen times and rumors swirled about her mental competence. Over the last few months, however, she’s generated far fewer headlines. She moved to New York and mostly retreated to the background, at least until today when she offered up one of the most graphic tweets from a celebrity not involved in pornography I’ve ever seen.

You can check it out (before it invariably gets deleted) below…

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Drake is a good looking dude. I can mentally wrap my mind around the idea of a woman fantasizing about being with him, but it’s extremely odd to see a celebrity vocalize her feelings that overtly, which is why more than a few people are of the opinion that Bynes got hacked, or at least will claim she got hacked once she reconsiders this tweet.

We’ll let you know if Bynes releases any kind of public explanation. Until then, it’s probably best not to think about Drake murdering anyone’s vagina.

Mack Rawden

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