Arnold Finally Admits To Sleeping With Brigitte Nielsen

Last year, Brigitte Nielsen claimed in her memoir that she had sex with Arnold Schwarzenegger while the two were filming Red Sonja. The former governor, who was living with but not married to Maria Shriver at the time the affair supposedly happened, refused to comment on the allegation. Now that he’s set to release a book documenting his personal life, however, Arnie has changed his tune.

According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger devotes time to discussing the 1985 sexual relationship in Total Recall, the memoir to be released Monday, but at this point, it’s unclear whether the tryst is briefly mentioned or given significant time. In her work, Nielsen denied even knowing Arnie was involved with another woman at the time; so, one would imagine the two didn’t share very much of an emotional connection.

This affair is yet another reason why interested parties should purchase Arnold’s book. Unfortunately for the movie star, it’s also another reason why Maria may not take him back. He’s reportedly very serious about becoming a family again, but given how much these secrets probably hurt, there’s no way she’s not going to need some serious time to get over everything that happened.

Arnold’s sitdown with 60 Minutes airs tomorrow evening. Expect for a few more crazy stories to be told in that venue as well.

Mack Rawden
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