Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts on Fake Mustache, Surprises People at Gold's Gym

“Basically I am going to play Howard, a physical fitness instructor who has become a regional manager for Gold’s Gym,” says Ah-nuld, as he gets a fake mustache slapped on his face.

Schwarzenegger was doing the prank to promote health and fitness, along with the After School All-Stars program, which provides safe after-school activities for kids. I am not quite sure what Schwarzenegger wearing a disguise and walking through a local gym has to do with troubled youth, but, hey, he does say the name of the program out loud once, so I guess that counts as awareness.

Watch as confused people in aerobics clothing get asked about their routines, wiped down with towels, and challenged over their questionable workout habits––“Stop being a baby. This is Gold’s Gym not a baby gym”––from one of the biggest stars in the world. The best reaction goes to the lady who says “You look so familiar to me” to which Ah-nuld replies “Maybe you saw me on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.”

This is the just the latest in a string of jokey bits from Schwarzenegger. Last October, he decided to recite some of his most famous movie quotes by request. There was also his role in “Escape Plan,” an action movie he starred in with Sylvester Stallone––though I am not sure he meant for that project to be taken as a joke (then again, it made $130 million at the box office so what do I know?).

Anyway, you can check out the Gold’s Gym gag in the video above. Arnold is set to appear in several movies over the next two years, including a reprisal of his role as the Terminator. Ah, Schwarz-y, you prankster you.