Bam Margera Hospitalized After Taking Kayak Off Cliff

There are really only three types of Jackass stunts. Those that are more embarrassing than anything else (shitting in a hardware store toilet). Those that are painful but not life-threatening (mousetraps), and those that could potentially cause serious bodily harm (anything involving animals). Let the record show Bam Margera’s latest thrill falls most decidedly in the final category.

The daredevil was in Oregon earlier this week when he decided to take part in a tandem kayak jump off a one hundred foot waterfall alongside professional Steve Fisher. You can take a look at a picture of the incident below…

Obviously, the stunt looks pretty sweet photographed, but unfortunately, not everything went exactly as planned. Bam took a pretty hard shot and was taken to the hospital. Doctors were forced to perform a hernia operation, but Margera is said to be recovering well. He tweeted out a thumbs up picture to let fans know he’d be alright, and given his track record, he should be back to doing wacky shit in no time.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Bam, as well as to the rest of his excitable family. They’re probably pretty used to him risking his life, but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t still rooting for a long and (relatively) healthy life.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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