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Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen, Bashes One Million Moms

Despite what some commentators would have you believe, members of a political party do not always share the same viewpoints. Not all Republicans are pro-life, just as not all Democrats are in favor of taxing the richest Americans at sixty percent. We all look at the world differently, and some issues are bigger than partisan politics.

Never was that fact more clear than last night on the O’Reilly Factor when Bill squared off against conservative commentator Sandy Rios. She appeared to defend One Million Moms and its attempts to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as the spokeswoman for JC Penney. In short, O’Reilly disagreed rather vehemently.

Calling the group’s threats “a witchhunt” reminiscent of McCarthy-era politics and against “the spirit of America”, O’Reilly offered a lot of thoughts laden with his trademark aggressiveness, all of which boiled down to one basic premise: it’s wrong for people to demand someone be fired simply for his or her lifestyle when that lifestyle doesn’t break any laws. You can take a look at the clip below…

Of course I love watching O’Reilly take this woman to task for her stupid opinion, but more than that, my favorite part of this interview is when Rios makes the wild claim that none of the million moms could appear because “they’re moms”. This is the same organization that has now asked all its members to call their local JC Penneys to demand Ellen be fired. They have time for that but not to publicly defend their stance? Give me a break.

Mack Rawden

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