Sergei Filin, the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet who was burned by acid, is pretty confident he knows exactly who ordered the shocking attack that left him temporarily blinded. Don’t expect him to share his suspicions anytime soon though. The forty-two-year-old wants to wait until the police have conducted their own investigation before speaking on the record about his allegations.

According to CBS News, the attack occurred on January 17. The mystery assailant surprised Sergei and tossed sulphuric acid into his face. The acclaimed dancer fell on the ground, rubbed snow into his eyes and was transported to the hospital where he underwent numerous treatments. In the coming days, he’ll head to Germany, and if all goes well, the next few procedures will help him regain his sight fully.

As for who may have done the horrifying deed, the Bolshoi Ballet has been engulfed in scandal and in-fighting over the past few years over various promotions, casting choices and minor details. Filin’s email was reportedly hacked, and he received threats. Of course, none of that prepared him for the chemical savagery he wound up dealing with.

Given the high profile nature of the case, Moscow police will no doubt spend as long as is needed to crack the case. Here’s to hoping that breakthrough happens sooner or later, whether it produces the arrest of the man or woman Filin suspects or someone else entirely.

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