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Brendan Fraser: I Can't Live Off $200K A Month

Brendan Fraser makes a lot of money. In fact, he makes more than two hundred thousand dollars every month. That kind of scratch might be a huge windfall for most of us, but unfortunately for him, it represents such a massive decline from what he once earned that he can no longer afford to pay his bills. At least that’s what the star is claiming in his latest attempt to get his alimony and child support payments reduced.

According to TMZ, Fraser owes $75,000 every month in fixed payments to his ex-wife to care for her and the kids. So, by the time the money he owes to his agents and managers and the income tax is deducted, he’s losing a little money. Then, once his own expenses such as his mortgage, property taxes, insurance and gardening is factored in, he's allegedly losing $87,000 a month, which is obviously completely unsustainable over the long haul.

A judge hasn’t ruled on whether or not Fraser’s payments will be reduced yet, but if his figures are legitimate, you would certainly think something will be done. Obviously, his wife and kids need to be taken care of, but they don’t need to live on $75,000 a month.

We’ll keep you updated whenever a decision is made in this case. Expect the judge to cut the monthly payment roughly in half and for Fraser to start begging people for some more work.

Mack Rawden
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