Britney Spears Gives Thumbs Up To Sister's Engagement

Britney Spears approves of her sister Jamie Lynn’s engagement, or, at the very least, she’s decided to stand by her sibling and be optimistic about the whole thing. That’s the message to take away from the beloved singer’s public response to her twenty-one-year-old sister’s decision to marry her thirty-year-old boyfriend of three years.

You can check out what Brit Brit said on Twitter below…

”So excited and happy for my sister, congrats @jamielynnspears - love you.”

The news of Jamie Lynn’s engagement comes just weeks after Spears ended her longtime engagement to fiancé Jason Trawick. Those two reportedly separated because Spears was interested in having more kids and her partner was not. Jamie Lynn has her own four-year-old child to worry about, but whether or not she’s interested in having kids with fiancé Jamie Watson is unclear at this point. Considering her age, they have plenty of time to figure that out too.

With a ten year age gap, Britney and Jamie Lynn have never really been on the same life page, but by all accounts, the sisters do share a bond and are pretty close. Hopefully, all the forthcoming bridal showers and wedding plans will only bring them closer too.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations once again go out to Jamie Lynn and Jamie as they prepare to officially start a life together. Here’s to hoping the future is filled with a whole lot more highs than lows and a whole lot more smiles than frowns.

Mack Rawden
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