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Attention famous musicians looking for a way to stop touring and still bring in fat checks: Las Vegas is an option you really need to consider. Details of pop starlet Britney Spears’ contract just went public for the first time, and it seems she will be making more than three hundred thousand dollars every time she takes the stage.

According to TMZ, Spears will perform forty-eight times at Planet Hollywood on the Strip. For her efforts, she will be paid $310,000 for each date, which will work out to almost $15,000,000 a year. More importantly for her peers who might be considering a similar move, she will be hauling in a little more than sixty percent of the gate receipts, which is very impressive for a woman on her first Vegas contract. By comparison, Celine Dion reportedly makes a little more than $475,000 per show, but she’s contractually obligated to be there for seventy dates a year.

Once upon a time, Brit Brit wouldn’t have worked very well in a place like Vegas because the average visitor was a whole lot older than her average fan. In the past decade, however, the middle schoolers and high schoolers who first loved her have turned into twenty-somethings who would love to see the starlet while on vacation. Obviously, we won’t know exactly what the gates will look like until she starts churning out one show after another, but with only forty-eight dates, it seems very likely she’ll sell every single one out at full asking price. Regardless, it should be a better fit for her than The X Factor.

In other Britney news, the pop singer’s new song leaked over the weekend. It’s entitled “Work Bitch”, and while it’s not the greatest thing she’s ever put her name on, it’s still pretty damn enjoyable. You can take a listen to it below…

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