Now that Britney Spears has officially withdrawn from her hosting duties on X Factor, the singer has a ton of options in front of her. Rumors place her inside a studio working on her next album, but beyond that, she may well have another, even bigger rabbit left to pull out of her hat: a Las Vegas show.

According to TMZ, Brit Brit was approached by some movers and shakers from Sin City awhile ago that wanted her to put together a nightly Vegas act. Because of her X Factor commitments, those negotiations were put on hold, but now that she’s freed up, the pop star is reportedly giving it some genuine thought. The gig would be at one of the Caesars properties, and based on the crazy deals other people have scored, her agreement could well top $50 million a year.

It’s easy to look at Las Vegas as a place for magicians, lounge acts and over the hill pop stars, but the money a performer can make is actually incredible. $50 million a year without the rigors of travel is an incredible prospect, and quite frankly, I think it’s one Brit Brit should actually consider.

One would imagine Spears will take a few days or even a few weeks or months to think about this offer before committing. When she does make a decision one way or another, we’ll be sure to let you know what the story is. Until then, think about how awesome it would be to gamble for six hours, have a drink and then go watch Britney sing “…Baby One More Time”.

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