Britney Spears' Sexy Bikini Bod Picture Is Four Years Old

A recent picture of Britney Spears clad in a white bikini and some demure pearls has become an Internet sensation over the past couple of days. The pop singer is looking pretty sexy for 30 in the photo, except, well, she isn’t really 30 in the picture. Despite never claiming the photo was recent, the star conveniently forgot to mention exactly how long ago the picture was taken.

On Sunday, the diva took to Twitter to exclaim she’s a summer kind of gal. In the post, she also released a photo of herself smiling and wearing only a small white bikini and jewelry, her navel piercing just barely prominent at the bottom of the photo.

The photo was captioned "Y'all ready for summer to end? I'm definitely not!" However, it should have been captioned, “Look at me at age 26!.” That’s right, the photo isn’t even close to being recent, with outlets like US Weekly reporting the picture was shot all the way back in 2008. The explanation goes a long way to explain why the “I Wanna Go“ singer looks so spritely.

Spears has been in the public eye a lot lately, thanks to The X Factor promos, and while she doesn’t look wholly different from her 2008 appearance, she definitely has lost the youthful body and facial structure she once had. I think it makes her look stronger and more mature, but clearly, if she’s tossing old photos out into the universe and hoping we won’t notice, she’s probably less than happy about hitting 30.

I know Spears never explicitly said the photo was recent, but is she really implying she hasn’t been to the beach in the past year?