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Celebrity Misers: Famous For Keeping it Cheap

As one of the people who’s a professional people-watcher, as a member of the gawker-and-talker set, I spend many hours seeing what it is that separates us from them, the celebrities we know, love, hate, are fascinated by, are shocked by and really irked by. However the reality is that, well, reality – is. The people who entertain us often share the foibles and flaws that taint all our personalities…it’s just so frustrating to know that people who have it so good still can act with such miserable manners.

With that, it is time to take a look at the latest list of celebrities who have the cheddar to spread, but leave your cracker dry: this is a Stingy Celebrity Roll-Call.

We’ll start with terrible tippers, and two who come to mind are Britney “Where Am I?” Spears, and the very Babe Ruth of golf himself, Tiger Woods. As reported in the pages of ‘Stuff’ magazine, these are people with a lot of dough who keep the karma to themselves. Brit was enjoying her stay in a $2000-a-night villa in Maui, and received the standard superstar treatment. However, upon her departure, the bellman received bumpkus. Tiger, who is worth over $500 million, reportedly pulled a mulligan on a $5 tip, re-pocketing a tip from a waitress after realizing he had dropped a gratitude on her earlier in the evening. He was possibly distracted by the $10,000 a hand of blackjack he was playing. Caddies beware: an extra sawbuck is just not how Woods shows his thanks.

Meanwhile, other stars simply laugh at the notion of actually paying a bill, which can translate into lawsuits. We’ve heard recently of Michael Jackson’s pharmaceutical reneging, and Paris Hilton’s dine-and-dash Down Under. But how about Hillary Duff? ‘Stuff’ says Joel Madden’s former squeeze brought 58 lbs. of laundry to a cleaner and demanded the wardrobe-sized load be done in 150 minutes. The cleaner hit the dirty Duff duds with suds and had it ready to roll by Hillary’s deadline, and then had the gall to present the Hill with a bill of $55. To her credit, she did pony up some cash – about 23 bucks, which didn’t fly. But Jennifer Lopez did fly, along with husband Marc Anthony, on two different charter flights that she never bothered to pay for. A lawsuit has been filed, and being that J-Lo is worth $250 million, it certainly looks good for the unnamed airline company.

One more name is gets added to the list is an interesting one for sure: Madonna. The Material Girl is mucho busy, no? Between touring, recording, performing, interviewing and adopting, she still manages to keep on eye on expenses, keeping her business boat one tight ship, as in the S.S. Tightwad. Maddy gets mad when she takes the time to scour all the phone bills in her organization, and finds that staffers occasionally make personal calls. If they dare to do so, the truth is they pay for any call they dial on her lines.

No reports of David Banda using calling cards yet, but we’re sure Madonna knows if it’s cheaper to call Malawi on the weekend.