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Earlier this week, Chris Brown was hanging out at the Emerson Theater in Hollywood when the DJ called him over and asked if he wanted to say a few words to the crowd or sing something. Like a good sport, the pop star responded by taking the mic and freestyling a little bit. It should have been a goofy and enjoyable moment of good press, but unfortunately, it wound up being anything but thanks to his chosen topic.

In a bizarre rant about how to prevent a woman from cheating on you, Brown advised every man in the room to remind his girlfriend that her pussy belongs to him. Check out the clip below, courtesy of TMZ

Like everything else Brown does, reaction to the above video has been mixed. Some see it as nothing more than a goofy and harmless piece of fun. He’s obviously not shouting or being belligerent about it. In fact, he’s singing the advice in a pretty high key. Others, however, see it as just the latest piece of evidence of how misinformed and dangerous Brown’s worldview is. He's had domestic violence issues in the past, and that history makes it a little harder to small about any opinion that could come off as controlling.

What do you think? Was Brown’s impulsive song pretty amusing or fundamentally disturbing? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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