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Less than a year ago, pop star Katy Perry’s marriage slowly imploded amidst tabloid headlines and wild rumors. A planned holiday trip with husband Russell Brand turned into separate vacations, which turned into a lack of wedding rings, which turned into divorce paperwork, which turned into Twitter unfollows, which turned into two officially single human beings. There was no quick ripping of the Band-Aid. It was all slow, painful and public.

Now, after some half-hearted attempts at having fun with Florence + The Machinest guitarist Robert Ackroyd, Perry has been spotted with John Mayer on three separate occasions. According to The Los Angeles Times, the two have appeared more couple-ish with each outing, and many are beginning to suspect they could well be a full-fledged item in the near future.

Mayer, of course, is no stranger to famous ladies. In fact, he’s dated what feels like half of the women in Hollywood. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Love Hewitt and plenty more took their turns with the singer, and not one was able to coax him down the aisle. Maybe Perry will be the one to do it. More than likely she won’t be.

From one perspective, Mayer seems like the worst possible choice Perry could make, apart from maybe Bradley Cooper. The pop star just got out of one traumatic relationship. Giving it a go with a guy it’s almost destined to fail with is probably setting herself up for more heartbreak. From another perspective however, now may well be the perfect time to date someone fun like Mayer. No one wants to go from one marriage directly into another; so, why not have a few laughs, stay emotionally distant and recharge for the next real relationship down the road?

I’m torn. I can’t really figure out whether Mayer is the perfect post-marriage dude or the worst possible post-marriage dude. What do you think? Is he good for Perry? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is Dating John Mayer A Good Call For Katy Perry?

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