J.K. Rowling is tired of writing stories for children and telling those stories on a chaste and age-appropriate level. If there’s anyone who should get a free pass to write whatever she wants, it should be J.K. Rowling, an author whose Harry Potter titles have sold 450 million copies. For her newest book, Rowling is writing fiction for adults, and as snippets have begun to emerge online, fans of the author are learning her newest title, The Casual Vacancy, will be anything but chaste.

The Casual Vacancy is set for a September 27 release date, and just days before the official release, some snippets have hit the public forum. Instead of magical stories discussing good and bad men and women, The Casual Vacancy will be a whole lot more complicated, with The Daily Mail reporting themes of “warfare, prostitution, heroin addiction and teen sexuality” are present in the novel. One girl’s chest is even talked about in a particularly unflattering manner, and if you think that’s bad you should probably avoid the book, which also speak’s candidly about women’s vaginas and other subjects that would be untouchable in children’s literature.
“[The] leathery skin of her upper cleavage radiated little cracks that no longer vanished when decompressed.”

Since many of Rowling’s fans are hoards of children, it would seem plausible to think The Casual Vacancy may not do as well as a Harry Potter title, but days before its release, the book is already standing on its own. The title has already received over one million online pre-orders. I’d expect is to fly off of the shelves in the days to come, despite its racy content.

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