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Do You Feel Bad For Scarlett Johansson About The Leaked Naked Pictures?

Once upon a time, a sex scandal may have ruined a girl’s career, but nowadays, leaking naked pictures, sex tapes and stories of one night stands can be good business, provided the celebrities in question follow one rule. Feign outrage. Always, no matter how involved, claim the evidence was hacked, stolen by a horny laptop repairman or leaked by a jealous ex-boyfriend. Society might willingly accept X-rated peeks maliciously placed on the internet, but most people still don’t like attention whores.

Because of this weird placid involvement, it’s easy to get jaded and assume every single uncovered snapshot is the product of stupidity or attention-seeking. The truth is sometimes hackers really do steal content in an effort to benefit financially or ruin reputations. You know how you can tell? The FBI normally gets involved if a crime has actually been committed. The Bureau doesn’t typically waste its time with actresses trying to advance their careers, which brings us to poor Scarlett Johansson. Most savvy internet users are likely well aware at this point that the Lost In Translation star had two naked pictures pop up yesterday. The FBI is feverishly attempting to hunt the culprit down, and all involved seem to agree a crime actually was committed.

I feel pretty safe in publicly stating Scarlett Johansson had no involvement in the emergence of these pictures whatsoever. That being said, many still feel it’s shame on the actress for taking these racy photos in the first place. With scandalous pictures popping up left and right and the emergence of several sex tapes that actually weren’t coordinated leaks (I know because they were quickly taken down), a female celebrity can’t be sure her privacy won’t be invaded at some point. It's sad, but that's where we're at. I still feel really bad for Scarlett, but a lot of people think she dug her own grave. Where do you stand? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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