Fear Factor: Should NBC Air The Donkey Semen Episode?

This past summer, the Fear Factor revival shot an episode in which contestants were challenged to drink fresh glasses of donkey semen. A few chugged it back in order to move on, but the stunt reportedly churned the stomachs of some important people who weren’t on set that day: NBC executives. After some internal debate, the suits supposedly gave the green light, but now the word is those same executives might decide to pull the entire episode. It’s scheduled to air on Monday.

According to TMZ, the meetings are still ongoing and no final decision has been reached. With all this controversy, it’s entirely possible an unedited episode could bring in bigger ratings than usual, but it’s unclear whether Comcast and NBC would even want the extra exposure at the potential expense of alienating some viewers.

To me, Fear Factor needs to continue topping itself to stay marginally relevant; so, I have no problem with the stunt. In fact, if the stunt doesn’t harm the contestants, I’m probably all for it. It takes sacrifice to win that fifty grand, and if that sacrifice involves donkey semen, those are the breaks.

That’s my opinion, but I want to know what you think. Has Fear Factor really gone too far with this one? Is it better if they just pretend this never happened and show a completely unrelated new episode? Let us know your thoughts on the issue by voting in the poll below…

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