So what do we know about the iPhone 6? Nothing really, other than that Apple is pursuing the use of Sapphire Crystal for the display, that they've patented some EyeID tech for eye-scanning and that many of the same things that have been used in the latest iPhone will make an improved return for the newest handset. However, that hasn't stopped a lot of analysts, artists and pundits from throwing out all sorts of wild speculation, concept videos and ideas for what the iPhone 6 could be, so much so that the entire new-generation smartphone has nearly become this unbelievable amalgamation of ridiculous proportions.

Rolling out some of these unbelievable claims is this here list courtesy of Pop Blend, featuring a few of the top rumors, guesses, claims, ideas, videos and analyst-professed facts that make up for what some people have been led to believe will be the iPhone 6. And remember, no one knows what's truly in store until Apple drops the word.

5. iPhone 6 Is Coming In May
Apple has a new standard in releasing their prime-time smartphones at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Lately, they've been eying late September as their launch window for their new handsets. Somehow, rumors have spurred out of control that the iPhone 6 might be coming sooner than most people thought. How soon? May soon. The rumor started like any other rumor, on the back of a slippery wet analyst. But why May? Well, a lot of traction gained heat off the poor sales of the iPhone 5C. Even though a lot of believe that whatever Apple touches at the moment is hot stuff, the reality is that the plastic iPhone came off a slow start and burned even slower in worldwide sales throughout the holiday season. Hence, analysts were hedging bets on Apple burying the 5C quick with a May release of the iPhone 6.

Nevertheless, Forbes was quick to point out how unlikely a May release is for the iPhone 6, given that not all the parts are ready and production on some key elements are just barely getting underway. That would give Apple only the entirety of April to have their contracted plants gather up the parts and put them all together to prep for a worldwide May release. It's not impossible, but it's more likely that you'll see a one-armed marksman consecutively hit a bulls eye with a bow and arrow before Apple decides to rush the production of the iPhone 6 to hit that magical May release.

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