So what do we know about the iPhone 6? Nothing really, other than that Apple is pursuing the use of Sapphire Crystal for the display, that they've patented some EyeID tech for eye-scanning and that many of the same things that have been used in the latest iPhone will make an improved return for the newest handset. However, that hasn't stopped a lot of analysts, artists and pundits from throwing out all sorts of wild speculation, concept videos and ideas for what the iPhone 6 could be, so much so that the entire new-generation smartphone has nearly become this unbelievable amalgamation of ridiculous proportions.

Rolling out some of these unbelievable claims is this here list courtesy of Pop Blend, featuring a few of the top rumors, guesses, claims, ideas, videos and analyst-professed facts that make up for what some people have been led to believe will be the iPhone 6. And remember, no one knows what's truly in store until Apple drops the word.

5. iPhone 6 Is Coming In May
Apple has a new standard in releasing their prime-time smartphones at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Lately, they've been eying late September as their launch window for their new handsets. Somehow, rumors have spurred out of control that the iPhone 6 might be coming sooner than most people thought. How soon? May soon. The rumor started like any other rumor, on the back of a slippery wet analyst. But why May? Well, a lot of traction gained heat off the poor sales of the iPhone 5C. Even though a lot of believe that whatever Apple touches at the moment is hot stuff, the reality is that the plastic iPhone came off a slow start and burned even slower in worldwide sales throughout the holiday season. Hence, analysts were hedging bets on Apple burying the 5C quick with a May release of the iPhone 6.

Nevertheless, Forbes was quick to point out how unlikely a May release is for the iPhone 6, given that not all the parts are ready and production on some key elements are just barely getting underway. That would give Apple only the entirety of April to have their contracted plants gather up the parts and put them all together to prep for a worldwide May release. It's not impossible, but it's more likely that you'll see a one-armed marksman consecutively hit a bulls eye with a bow and arrow before Apple decides to rush the production of the iPhone 6 to hit that magical May release.
4. Apple Is Going Gorilla Glass
There's been a strong aversion to the news about Apple utilizing Sapphire Crystal in the iPhone 6 by certain companies. For those who don't know, Sapphire Crystal is extremely durable and is scuff-proof, scratch-proof and mostly crack-proof, it's also the current grade of glass being used for the TouchID sensor in the iPhone 5S. What's more is that there's even a video demonstrating Sapphire Crystal being crushed by a cement block without leaving nary a scratch in sight on the phone. However, the vice president of Corning Glass is adamant about Apple using Gorilla Glass for the iPhone 6, as noted by Trusted Reviews. Why? Because they don't want to be put out of business with Apple switching to Sapphire Crystal. There's a lot riding on manufacturing contracts for one of the most profitable companies in the world. Trying to convince people that Gorilla Glass isn't going out of style is a good way to get other companies to feel secure with investing in that treatment, as opposed to following the leader and heading to brighter pastures alongside the company from Cupertino, California.

Well, it seems a little unlikely that Apple will use Gorilla Glass for the iPhone 6 at this point, no matter what a vice president from a certain company has to say about it. This is mostly given to the fact that Apple has already invested more than $500 million into a GT Advanced production plant to produce enough Sapphire Crystal to make 100 million iPhones, as noted by Wall Street Cheat Sheet. I can't imagine Apple (or anyone with a head that isn't twisted on the wrong way) dumping half a billion dollars into a plant just to use a competing company's product. Worse yet for Corning Glass is that 9to5 Mac is reporting that GT Advanced is already prepped to start production of the Sapphire Crystal for the iPhone 6. Maybe next time, Corning.
3. Curved Display Is In
Another big rumor that's being shot down like Dick Cheney's friend on a hunting trip – is curved displays for the iPhone 6. This is probably one of the more controversial and most talked about features for the iPhone 6 because a curved display – featuring the ability access features from the sides and back of the phone– curated a lot more negative criticisms than positive ones from consumers. A lot of people feel that having an all-the-way-around touch screen on the sides and back of the handset is a recipe for disaster. That's not to mention that butt-dialing becomes a three-dimensional nightmare, where-as before it was just a single-dimensional nightmare. Another problem is that you would have to worry about smudges and scratches on more than just one side of the iPhone screen. It would also seem a little ridiculous trying to fiddle with controls while trying to touch the sides of the phone instead of the front face of the screen.

The curved screen display gained traction from analysts (as usual) and a lot of concept videos from enthusiastic iPhone artists. Some of them thought it would be really cool if users no longer had to worry about buttons, but instead could simply modify settings and features of the phone by tapping touch-sensitive sides of the phone. In some literal interpretations, artists actually put together curved iPhones that would probably be the bane of your butt whenever you would go to sit down. Times of India kind of put a damper on the curved-display rumors, as some analysts close to the manufacturing companies denied that Apple was seeking that route for the phone.
2. So Thin It's Like Air
Even though the average iPhone user would love to have more battery life, that would be completely impossible with something as thin as the “iPhone Air”. While complaints about short battery life would likely go unresolved with a paper-thin iPhone 6, it didn't stop the usual sources from holding firm to the idea that Apple was going bigger and thinner with the new-generation smartphone. In fact, the rumors were so rampant that it spawned a series of conceptual promo videos celebrating an iPhone so thin that it could only be called the iPhone Air. Users were as excited about the concept of the phone as they were disappointed at the prospect that the phone would likely be more expensive and that the battery would be terribly small.

Apple hasn't committed to any sort of “super thin” iPhone, and it's unlikely that they will any time soon. The logistics of a phone thin enough to break every time you sit down doesn't seem like a very smart move. Then again, the iPhone Air is supposedly bigger and thinner, so technically it wouldn't be able to fit in your pocket anyway. That's not to mention that it would practically kill the iPhone case market, as cases would have to be replaced with slips, and if you're buying slip cases for your iPhone you may as well just keep it in a small bag. More importantly, traditional headphones and USB ports would have to be replaced with something smaller and thinner, meaning you would likely need all new adapters for accessories.
1. The iPhone 6 Is A Phablet
In connection with the above paper-thin iPhone concept, another big belief is that the new generation iPhone will be a phablet of sorts: too big to be a standard phone, too small to be a full blown tablet. The idea is that this phone-tablet (hence the wordsmithed “phablet”) would bridge the gap between people who liked tablets but wanted something smaller, or people who liked smartphones but wanted something larger. Isn't that what tablets are for? Anyway, the iPhone 6 phablet supposedly clocks in at 5.5 inches and would be thick enough to provide sturdy protection from drops, scuffs, bumps and scruffs. The obligatory conceptual promo videos showcased something of a Frankenstein-style handset that looks more like something with an identity crisis than an actual usable piece of technology. And good luck trying to find a case to fit around the massive phablet, and you'll need even more luck to try to find a pair of pants that you could actually fit the phablet into; and that round butt you have from those skinny jeans? Well, you can kiss that goodbye because this phablet would give you the kind of square butt everyone tries to avoid.

Nevertheless, MacRumors has word from supply chains that the iPhone 6 will likely be 4.7 inches. It's still closer to the traditional iPhone than the phablet style rumors that have been floating around. Also, the Sapphire Crystal production claims seem to point to making 100 million iPhones that fit within the traditional size outlined by the supply chains. Of course, we would still have to question how true it could be that the iPhone 6 will actually fall within the 4.7 inches rule? For now, no one knows. Still, it's a lot more grounded than the paper-thin, super-large, gorilla glass rumors that have been floating around.
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