The photographs of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless may have already raced around to every corner of the world, but the Royal Family still won a round this afternoon in a French courtroom when a judge decided the shots do violate the future Queen’s privacy. Consequently, the gossip magazine Closer will be forced to turn over every digital copy of the pictures it has and stop production on the issue in question immediately.

According to ABC News, if it fails to accomplish the order by Wednesday at noon, a fine of $12,000 will be levied each time the publication disseminates a picture. Considering the shots were already removed from the organization’s website, it seems very likely the ruling will be followed. Unfortunately, none of this applies to any of the other publications that utilized the pictures.

The Irish Daily Star has already gotten a serious rebuke in the form of its owner threatening to shut down his own publication and its editor being indefinitely suspended, but the Silvio Berlusconi-owned Italian magazine Chi has already said it will continue showing the pictures. In order to stop such an act, the Royal Family would need to file a lawsuit in Italy, but with greatly different laws than the United Kingdom and France, winning there might be an uphill battle.

Still, today was a victory. It was some acknowledgement that what happened to Kate was wrong, and even if that’s all she and William get, at least it’s something.

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