It’s not often nearly every media outlet reports something confidently and then backtracks and slinks away as a team, but that’s basically what happened with Halle Berry’s engagement. The actress was spotted with a big juicy ring in January, and some of her friends told people she’d been proposed to. Days later however, the ring was gone, and the couple themselves were refusing to comment. Since no one wanted to risk screaming Dewey Defeats Truman, we all took a few breaths and got wishy-washy. Turns out we should have just kept with the original story.

Berry’s boyfriend and rumored fiancé Olivier Martinez was in Miami over the weekend for the opening of his new restaurant Villa Azur when a reporter from The Miami Herald asked him if the initial engagement rumor was true. Here’s what he had to say…
Yes, of course it’s true.

Just like that. No pretenses, no evasions, just a flat out verification. It’s enough to make the last few months of rumblings seem unnecessary and stupid, but alas, that’s how the game usually works.

More importantly, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are definitely engaged now, which means it’s time to send out the well-wishes and congratulations (again). The two met roughly two years ago on the set of Dark Tides, and they’ve been together ever since. With any luck, this will be the last relationship for either and the last time whispers follow their every move.

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