Hollywood Pays Tribute To Paris

Last night's co-ordinated terror attacks on Paris have left the world mourning, but unbroken. The outpouring support of the world community has been nothing short of fantastic, and celebrities from all over have come out to join the voices of comfort and support in this dire time. We here at Cinema Blend would like to share some of these tweets, so as to keep those in France in our thoughts.

The first tweet comes from Captain America: Civil War star Chris Evans, who had a simple but effective message of solidarity:

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James Gunn, director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, shared a fond remembrance of happier times in the city of lights.

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Norman Reedus, Darryl from The Walking Dead, shared one of many images of the Eiffel Tower floating around the Internet with a simple message of, “Love to you.”

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Mark Hamill, who is undoubtedly busy putting the finishing touches on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, found time to write the following heartfelt words reacting to the events of last night's attacks.

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Caity Lotz from TV's Arrow shared not a message, but an image of the Parisian people, standing together with one message: “Not Afraid.”

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The best reaction to such an insidious event doesn't come from the celebrities, but rather the people of France themselves. Despite one of the attacks rocking the Stade de France, during a soccer match between France and Germany, the spectators didn't let their spirits dampen completely and left the stadium singing the French national anthem, La Marseillaise.

Cinema Blend sends its sincerest wishes of good faith to all who have been effected, or have someone close to them effected, by this terrible tragedy.

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