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The search for Malaysian Flight 370 is still on and being hampered by yet another setback. This time, it's garbage. No really, it's actual garbage. Apparently even the most remote bodies of water with zero inhabitants in sight are still polluted with human trash.

According to the LA Times , the garbage is typically fishing equipment or other “flotsam" that has apparently floated its way into the Indian Ocean. While it may not be toxic chemicals, it really makes every piece of debris that turns out to not be actual plane remnants a major let down to the families and search crews.

Those families have been waiting for solid news about the crash since it happened on March 8th. From not knowing where the plane have been to now finding garbage instead of plane debris, there are still few answers weeks after the crash. To make matters worse, news networks and websites are constantly updating with conflicting information and complicated theories, it's easy to see why families are struggling to find actual answers.

The media coverage has been unprecedented for this particular plane crash both around the world but particularly in the United States. Occasionally, a search for a missing plane will captivate the country, but attention often fades quickly. Whether it's the way we consume media and its availability or the strange circumstances of this particular crash that has made people interested, Americans can't get enough. Until the plane is ultimately found, you can count on hearing about it on the news.

The missing plane has even taken hold in pop culture. Celebrities have taken to the internet to discuss their own theories, including Courtney Love infamously finding the plane. A recent film has been scrapped, because the plot is apparently too similar to the real life crisis. It feels like the whole world is waiting for answers.

At least a few planes crash every year, and there have been famous cases of missing planes in the past. The mystery and unprecedented press coverage has made this particular crash an even bigger story than ever before. Here's hoping that eventually the answers are found and families can gain a small sense of closure. And that maybe we stop throwing trash into the ocean.

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