Over the weekend, a Russian plane missed the runway at Vnukovo Airport and horrifically crashed nearby, sending bits of debris onto the road, killing four of the crewmembers and hospitalizing the other four. The investigation into what exactly happened is ongoing and will likely take months, but a new piece of traumatic footage has made its way online that graphically illustrates the horrific nature of what happened.

Heading down the road with his dashboard camera on, a Russian driver actually caught the crash and the immediate aftermath on video as parts of the plane zipped toward his vehicle. Thankfully, the guy in the car was okay, and he later put the footage of what happened online. You can watch it below…

It’s really a miracle this situation wasn’t worse. The plane actually flew from the Czech Republic to Moscow without any passengers, and as you can see from the video, the road the plane wound up crashing near wasn’t very heavily trafficked at all. If it had been rush hour conditions, some of the debris could have really done damage to the people inside the cars.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to everyone involved in this plane crash. It may not have been as disastrous as possible, but it still marked the end of four people’s lives and seriously injured four more.

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