Let’s just get this out of the way right now. Britney Spears is horrendous at acting. She’s miserable at injecting emotion into her voice when she’s reciting scripted lines, and she seemingly has no idea what look she’s supposed to have on her face at any given time. Luckily for her, however, she’s Britney effing Spears, and therefore, she can do pretty much whatever she wants and still make people happy.

Case in point, the above video put together by Nick Grimshaw of BBC Radio. It’s Halloween themed and more importantly, titled “It’s Britney Witch”. The footage features the starlet reciting famous lines from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and of course, shoehorning in the occasional “It’s Britney Witch” line.

As a pretty solid testament to the singer’s popularity, the video has already been watched more than two hundred and fifty thousand times in just two days. More than likely, that number should skyrocket, especially since most people love watching celebrities get in the Halloween spirit around the holidays.

In other Spears news, the starlet released some cover art for her new music last week, and plans are still thundering forward for her Las Vegas show to begin at the end of December. Despite early reports to the contrary, tickets are selling very well for her gigs, and Planet Hollywood expects full houses whenever the starlet takes the stage.

Here’ s a look at the original “Thriller” Brit Brit is quoting from…

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