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Jessica Simpson Will Continue With Weight Watchers Despite Pregnancy

Behind the scenes, executives for Weight Watchers may or may not be upset with Jessica Simpson’s quick pregnancy, but on the surface, they’ve decided to publically embrace her bundle of joy. Rather than cancelling its contract with the combination singer/ actress/ reality star, the company announced today that it will extend ties with the starlet so that she can once again lose weight under its plan after she gives birth to her second child.

According to TMZ, Simpson will not follow the Weight Watchers rules during her pregnancy. She’ll chart her own course along with her physician, but after she gives birth, it’ll be immediately back to the grind with more workouts, more dietary restrictions and after that, more commercials peddling the services of the company. For the next few months, Weight Watchers will continue to air all of the commercials Simpson has already filmed. So, in essence, she’ll never stop being the company’s official spokesman even as she stops using its plan for much of 2013.

This was really the only way Weight Watchers could have responded. It would have looked horribly if they’d dropped Simpson on account of her getting pregnant, and considering two transformations could actually be better than one, this may well end up being a win-win scenario.

Expect to hear plenty about Simpson’s pregnancy over the next six months or so.

Mack Rawden

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