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Jessica Simpson Sex Tape? The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Remember the late 90’s pop music crush? The boy bands, the girl bands, the girlish boy bands, etc; they dominated the charts and culture with the threat of burgeoning sexuality. They all claimed to be virginal, yet behaved as if in the throes of early pubescence. It was PG-rated at worst, providing wholesome, middle-American, role-models to the young and naive. However, many of us who were already adults -- experienced, occasionally cynical and realistic - tended to be angered by their complete denial of what seemed blatantly obvious to us: there was no way these older teenagers/ young twenty-somethings could possibly be as righteous as their publicists claimed them to be.

The worst offenders were the female solo stars, flaunting impressive physiques, grinding and writhing on stage, singing about sex and sexual behavior, all the while claiming the virtues of a spiritual lifestyle. The critics and the doubters alike were forced to sit and bide their time, waiting for that exquisite time when reality would be forced to the surface, when these women would be forced to admit they were human beings, engaging in typical human behavior.

2006. That time is now.

Britney Spears first broke the silence by marrying the career-nullifying Kevin Federline, having kids, smoking, drinking, ignoring car-seat laws for infants, divorcing, Paris Hilton-ing, and almost dropping a sex tape on us for good measure. Lance Bass of Nsync next made celeb headlines by coming out of the closet and admitting his homosexuality. Not necessarily a shocking move, but one that certainly wouldn’t have happened when the “Bye Bye Bye†boys were still breaking hearts at sold-out shows.

Now, Jessica Simpson, who has recently made waves as she seems crushed by her divorce and recent career flopping, has really smashed the boards with reports of a sex tape of her own. reports that the same company that brought us the opus Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson has obtained a copy of a video shot by the two during their engagement, before they became infamous 'Newlyweds'.

According to Britain's "The Daily Sport", Simpson is not taking the news well:"Jessica is horrified her name and sex tape are being mentioned in the same sentence. She's always been a girl of high morals and principles,"the paper says. There is further story, as rumors are circulating around the Internet. Apparently, those in possession of the video are willing to keep it out of public pervasion if they receive a tidy monetary offer from Jessica. Whether this is true is not yet known, but it is a fact that she and her manager dad Joe Simpson have worked very hard to create a sexy yet pious image for her. It’s hard to imagine the two allowing such a tape to be released if they could stop it. However, it would be an understatement to say that the vid will bring in copious curious currency.

Meanwhile, we wait with baited breath and eager credit cards as the latest Simpson saga unfolds.