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If you’re a college-aged girl with good control over her hips and a willingness to get low, this article could be extremely important to your future. Former Three 6 Mafia member and popular rapper Juicy J announced yesterday that he’s planning to give out a fifty thousand dollar scholarship to a random chick with the best twerking skills.

This is typically the part of the article where I’d give you the specifics of the contest, but unfortunately, a) they haven’t been announced yet and b) Juicy J has since removed the tweet in question from his account. Maybe that means there’s no prize at the end of the twerking rainbow. Maybe that means there is, and he’s simply trying to figure out a way to judge the entries. Either way, you can check out the tweet in question below…

There’s something bizarre and a bit unseemly about asking women to shake their asses for scholarships, but considering what a huge craze twerking is right now, it doesn’t feel quite as offensive as it potentially could have. In fact, I suspect more than a few women including Miley Cyrus won’t have the slightest problem lining up to work their money-makers in exchange for free psychology/ accounting/ gender studies/ modern dance/ cosmetology classes, at least provided the scholarship offer is still happening.

At some point, we’re either going to need to get the exact rules of this contest, or Juicy J is going to need to let the twerkers of the world know he’s no longer serious about putting one of them through school. Since the latter would likely involve a bit of bad PR now that the story is out there, there’s reason to hope it won’t go down that route. We’ll keep you updated.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of twerking, you can head on over to any of the large video sharing services on the Internet and type in “twerk”. At least half of the returned results will probably be NSFW or at least a hard PG-13, but you should be able to find one that works. Or you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch this delightful clip of old people watching twerking videos and offering their responses. My favorite is, without question, the old dude who shouts, “I can’t move like that, bro” to the interviewer.

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