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Justin Bieber Accused Of Assault With Nerf Gun Dart

Every year, thousands of pathetic, meritless lawsuits and police reports are filed against people with an abundance of monetary resources. That being said, I’m not sure any filed this year will be as outlandish and goofy as this one involving Justin Bieber. Back in November, the pop star was preparing for a concert in Ottawa, Canada when he started shooting Nerf guns with his little siblings. At some point, one of the Nerf darts struck a female security guard, and let’s just say she did not take it well.

According to TMZ, the unidentified security guard went to the Ottawa police after recovering from her Nerf wound that must have been grievous and filed a police report claiming she was assaulted by the toy. For whatever reason, police officers have decided to take her claim seriously, and they’ve reportedly interviewed several witnesses to figure out exactly what happened.

No one involved with this case has spoken publically about the specifics of what happened, but it would be a shock if the Biebs was actually charged with doing anything wrong. Even if he intentionally fired a Nerf gun into her face, which I’m sure he wouldn’t do, an overwhelming majority of "victims" would be slightly irritated and then move on with their lives.

Hopefully, this will be the last we hear of this lunacy, but if something else does come out, we’ll make sure and bring you the news. Until then, take care to lock up all of the Nerf darts in your house.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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