Over the weekend, Justin Bieber received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his significant contributions to Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented him with the award himself, and the pop star tweeted out a photograph of the moment. The great honor should have been the main story, but thanks to the Biebs’ redneck attire, the Diamond Jubilee Medal was just an afterthought for most.

While Prime Minister Harper picked out a formal suit and a dark tie for the occasion, Bieber came dressed in work boots, overalls, a white t-shirt and a backwards hat. Outlets quickly dubbed him the “White Trash Prince”, and he was victimized by an absolutely savage middle finger from Britain’s famed Daily Mail. You can take a look at the incredibly informal outfit in question below…

Not one to let an insult pass by without at least getting his side of the story out, Bieber took a screenshot of the article, posted it on instagram and captioned it with a long explanation of what happened. Apparently, the meeting took place inside a hockey arena prior to one of his shows. He left a meet and greet and headed straight to meet Harper, and, of course, didn’t have time to change the outfit.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with that story. First, Bieber could have easily worn a suit to the meet and greet. That’s swaggy and fitting for the occasion. Second, he could have bumped the meet and greet up ten minutes when he found out he was meeting the Prime Minister. Third, he could have ducked into a bathroom for three minutes and put on a suit, or at least a button down shirt. Fourth, he could have at least taken off his stupid hat and buttoned his other strap.

‘Bieber genuinely seems like a good dude. I’m sure he didn’t think this was disrespectful, but it was. You put on a suit to receive awards and to shake hands with world leaders.

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