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Justin Bieber's Hamster Is In New But Good Hands

If anyone has been wondering about Justin Bieber’s hamster, PAC, in the days following the 18-year-old’s casual handover of his prime pet to a random fan after an Atlanta performance, there’s some good news. The Biebs handed the hamster off to an 18-year-old girl named Tori, and just a few days later the hamster is not only alive, but the little guy is thriving.

Just a couple of days ago, Bieber was traipsing through a crowd of screaming fans outside the Philips Arena, when he stopped to sign autographs and then randomly opted to hand over his favorite hamster. Luckily, he had the cage with him, so the hand-off wasn’t too precarious, but it could easily be read as a sad sign of a pet owner giving up on a pet he had paid for and promised to take care of.

TMZ managed to track down the teenaged Tori, who says that she was “shocked” to get the little tyke. Regardless, for anyone worried about the pop star simply handing his pet off to a fan, the 18-year-old chick with some Bieber fever says she will take great care of him and they will continue to live together at her home in Alabama. Things are bound to get a little hot and humid for PAC the hamster, but it’s good to know he is in “great hands.”

I wonder if whoever owns the rights to PAC’s Twitter account will hand ‘em over to the new owner. It would be great to see the hamster’s account all bright and cheery again.

Jessica Rawden

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