Will Katherine Jackson Regret Suing AEG Over Michael's Death?

Jury selection began today in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit his mother Katherine recently brought against concert promoter AEG. If all goes according to plan, the festivities should last about three months, at which point the lucky members of the general public chosen to hear the case will get to decide whether or not to give Katherine and the rest of MJ’s surviving family members the billions (not a typo) she’s asking for, or whether to point the finger at the deceased pop star for essentially being an enabler in his own death.

It’s easy to see why Katherine decided to file this lawsuit. His tragic death not only deprived the world of arguably the greatest entertainer of all-time, it deprived his children of a father and his surviving family members of lucrative revenue streams. There’s no calculating exactly how much money he would have made had he lived another forty years, but suffice it to say, the figure likely would have been in the multiple billions.

Unfortunately, proving he would have made a lot of money and proving concert promoter AEG is responsible for that lost revenue are two different arguments entirely. Katherine and her lawyers will attempt to argue the company is responsible because it allowed Dr. Conrad Murray, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter, to take care of MJ. AEG, on the other hand, will argue Murray was Jackson’s personal doctor well before the singer signed a touring contract and even more disappointingly, Jackson was a habitual prescription drug abuser who shopped doctors and used all kinds of aliases in order to feed his addiction.

There’s a possibility Katherine and all of Michael’s kids will make a lot of money form this lawsuit. There’s also basically a guarantee that they will spend the next few months of their lives listening to all of the ways Michael screwed up during his life. Considering how wealthy they already are, a potential victory might not even be worth it.

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