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Authorities have determined Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine is safe after being reported missing over the weekend, but even the assurance that she’s alive has done little to answer questions surrounding her supposed disappearance. The eighty-two-year-old, who is the legal guardian of her deceased son’s three children Paris, Prince and Blanket, left the kids on July 15 to attend a Jackson Brothers concert in New Mexico. The journey was planned months in advance, but after she never arrived and family members continually told Paris Katherine couldn’t come to the phone, the authorities were alerted.

It reportedly took investigators more than a few tries to get in touch with Katherine, but after finally doing so last night, they’re supposedly confident she’s resting in Arizona with several family members. Why she would go more than a week without talking to her grandchildren and why her children were being so evasive with Paris are still questions without good answers, but both of those head scratchers pale in comparison to the mystery of the doctor.

According to The Huffington Post, Katherine was visited the night before she was supposed to leave on the trip by Dr. Allan Metzger. The one-time physician of Michael Jackson’s hasn’t regularly cared for Katherine and reportedly did not inform her regular doctor he was coming to see her. On his advice, the matriarch reportedly flew instead of drove, setting her strange disappearance or non-disappearance in motion.

Rumors of problems within the Jackson family were compounded last week when a letter from some of MJ’s siblings went public, demanding the executors of the estate resign and the will be investigated. It's all very shady, and we'll keep you updated.


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