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When Katy Perry hooked up with Florence and the Machine’s Robert Ackroyd post-Coachella this past spring, I’m not sure anyone following the romance expected to last more than an itty bitty while. When the couple called it quits a few weeks ago, everyone believing the couple would split was justified with no hard feelings on any end. That’s the beauty of flings that don’t last very long; when they end, everything is gravy and besides, if a couple wants to pick things back up again…

On Saturday, Perry had a concert stop at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Before the concert began, the pretty-haired pop princess added a few people to the guest list, and one of them was none other than her recent main squeeze. There’s no news on whether the couple is getting back together officially, but Us Weekly is reporting Perry went out of her way to take care of the guitarist while he was at the show.
"Katy made a real fuss over him and made sure he was well looked after."

The 27-year-old singer certainly did take care of him. She made sure Ackroyd could bring five of his friends along to view her extravagant tour. He even had backstage passes to her show and hung out in the pit while the concert was going on. Maybe it is not the most romantic gesture in the world, but the invite was a really genuine offering, and one that wouldn't be reserved for someone she doesn’t really care for. I know the last few months have been extremely tumultuous for the pop singer, and it would be nice to see her dating someone again, but only if she is in a place that is comfortable enough for any level of commitment.