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Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage may not have lasted as long as either had hoped, but that doesn’t mean the experience and the break-up didn’t permanently change each. Long known for her mostly cheery and light-hearted pop hits, the songstress has experienced a flood of emotions over the past few months, and eventually, she’d like to start working those feelings into her records.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Katy told the outlet she still wants to be the candy queen but do so in a way that allows her to write songs that could be considered more “meat and potatoes”. The majority of pop stars reach a point in which they feel compelled to branch out musically. Given all her success, that time was definitely coming for Perry, but it’s unclear how much the divorce may have moved up the schedule.

According to The Associated Press, Perry summed up her feelings by saying she’s ready to step off the cloud she created during Teenage Dream and finally start facing reality by letting herself crash from the high she’s been on.

Perry is a wonderful performer who has mastered the up-tempo pop song. Moving forward, there may be a few bumps in the road, but it seems unlikely she won’t be able to find success interjecting a little more depth.

You can catch Perry later this week when her new documentary Part Of Me hits theaters.

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