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About a year ago, Kris Jenner openly called her youngest daughter, Khloe, “fat” during a phone conversation that later showed up in an episode of Khloe and Lamar. At the time, Khloe was visibly upset with her mother, yelling at her. I’m pretty sure the term “Satan” even came up in Khloe’s portion of the convo. A year later, however, bygones have been bygones and the 27 year-old is ready to discuss the incident in a more positive light.

Kardashian is set to grace the cover of the May issue of Cosmopolitan. According to the curvy sister, while she was initially mad, she understands her mother is also her manager. Those two things combined can make for some powerful criticisms that, at the end of the day, she has just decided to brush off.
"Listen, my mom believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. But she is also our manager and trying to protect our brand. She'll say, 'Oh, you're a little too fat right now.' If she were just my manager, I'd have fired her right then. You can't talk to me like that."

Because it would be much harder to fire Jenner than any other manager, Khloe’s attitude is probably the healthiest way she can look at her mom’s critiques. On the Cosmo cover, courtesy of US Weekly, Khloe looks fit and happy, and as long as she is healthy and perfectly content with her own looks, she should not change a thing. Having a few extra curves never hurt anybody.

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