New Lawsuit: Garth Brooks Turned Down Role In Twister Because He Worried Tornado Would Be The Star

Garth Brooks might not be known as an actor, but if you take it from a woman who worked with him for twenty years, he sure as hell could have been. As part of a new lawsuit, the singer’s ex-business partner/ entertainment producer Lisa Sanderson claims she got him offers to star in some of the more famous 90s movies, and he turned down each one of them for incredibly stupid reasons related to an out of control ego.

According to TMZ, Sanderson claims she got him the antagonist role in Twister, and he decided he didn’t want any part of it because the tornado would be the real star. Then, she got him the role of a sniper in Saving Private Ryan, and he allegedly turned that down because he didn’t like the idea of serving as a supporting player to Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. That same process allegedly repeated itself over and over again, and as a result, his acting career never got off the ground.

All of that might sound like Garth pissing his own bed and being forced to sleep in it, but apparently, his terrible decision making cost Sanderson a lot of money in the way of unpaid bonuses and reduced salary. He allegedly told her to stick around and there would be money for her in the long run, but I guess she got sick of waiting. Now she wants more than $400,000, and she’s hired famed attorney Marty Singer to help her get it.

We’ll keep you updated as the case heads toward trial. Until then, feel free to think about Brooks' goofy mug chasing a tornado around while worrying about whether viewers would like the special effects more than him. Oh what could have been.

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