Earlier this year, Lindsay Lohan decided to chop her longtime lawyer Shawn Holley and replace her with a new attorney from New York named Mark Heller, assumedly because he was cheaper. Almost immediately after making the decision, the actress reportedly changed her mind and asked Holley to stay on, but there was no convincing the lawyer to stay put. Lohan is stuck with Heller now, and if this week’s mix-up is any indication, she may have made a really poor decision.

According to TMZ, Heller is trying to get her lying to police case dismissed because officers failed to read Lindsay her Miranda Rights. Unfortunately, since the actress was never arrested, authorities are under no obligation to read her Miranda Rights. At the time, they just thought they were taking a routine statement about an accident, but when her account didn’t match up, that’s when it turned into a real investigation and Lohan was already on the record with her allegedly fraudulent claim about not driving.

Beyond this Miranda Rights mistake, Heller also reportedly messed up recently when he sent the judge a letter defending his client, which is a big mistake since arguments are supposed to be made while court is in session so the other lawyer is able to object if need be.

The ultimate proof of Heller’s competence will be found in whether or not Lindsay is acquitted of the charges against her in both this case and the potential parole violation, but for the time being, he doesn’t seem to be off to the best of starts.

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