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Lindsay Lohan Bans Booze From Her Hotel And Dressing Rooms

Only time will tell whether or not Linday Lohan is able to maintain her sobriety over the long haul, but in the short-term, she certainly seems to be making some wise decisions. The actress is traveling with a life coach, avoiding alcohol and has decided to move in with her mother in Long Island in order to free herself from some of the toxic influences that have been a part of her Hollywood life for almost a decade.

According to TMZ, Lohan instructed the producers of Chelsea Lately to completely remove all the alcohol from her dressing room before she showed up to guest host the popular late night program. Since then, she’s apparently told the management at all of the hotels she’s stayed at to clean out the minibar. For the next week or so, she’s also planning to bring along a sobriety coach wherever she goes and has apparently asked her mother to get rid of all the booze in the home before her arrival.

An overwhelming majority of people would likely be able to maintain sobriety with their mothers watching over them like hawks, but Lindsay’s home situation is a little bit different. Her mother has, at least in the past, taken part in her own share of late night shenanigans. She’s also had more than a few very public disagreements with Lindsay and her ex-husband Michael, who himself has been to rehab. As such, her family life is marked by a lot of stress and a pretty tolerant attitude toward alcohol.

No one is capable of snapping their fingers and being sober for a decade. Once someone has been to rehab, it truly is a lifelong struggle. The key is making one wise decision at a time and asking for help almost immediately after the wheels come off. That last part will be especially important in Lindsay’s case. I don’t think her career can take another prolonged downward spiral. Producers need to know she’s now reliable and easy to work with.

I could go on and on about Lindsay’s rehabilitation plan and make predictions about whether or not it will work, but let’s be honest: all we all really want Lindsay to do is get her shit together and make another movie as great as Mean Girls. So, in honor of that goal, I’ve decided to embed a video of the greatest quotes from that movie. You can watch it below…

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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