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By now, you’re probably well aware that Lindsay Lohan has money problems. Her bank accounts have been seized by the IRS. Her ability to earn is a little hampered given her current location, and now, thanks to a countersuit, she may be in even worse shape than was originally thought.

Recently, Lohan filed a lawsuit against D.N.A.M. over a business deal that went south. Back in 2009, the apparel company agreed to manufacture clothes for a brand she was launching entitled 6126. The items were to be sold to high end fashion retailers, and in theory, both parties were to profit handsomely. Unfortunately, those profits never rolled in, and Lindsay was not paid. In an attempt to claim some of that money, Lohan recently filed a lawsuit accusing D.N.A.M. of stiffing her out of more than a million bucks, but in doing so, she wound up being slapped with a countersuit.

According to TMZ, lawyers for D.N.A.M. are claiming that Lohan herself is the reason why there’s no profits to be had. Once the clothes were manufactured and they tried to negotiate with retailers back in 2010, her reputation had reportedly fallen so far that no one was interested in stocking the clothes at all. Consequently, she has no one to blame for the failure but herself and her hard-partying ways.

Given all the money each side will spend on lawyers’ fees, there’s a distinct possibility Lohan and D.N.A.M. will go through mediation and simply decide to drop both of their cases at the same time. Then again, they also could take Paris Hilton’s example and avoid a lawsuit by going back into business. We’ll keep you updated as the case works its way through the court system.

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