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Earlier today, prosecutors in Los Angeles made the decision to officially approve the Betty Ford Center for Lindsay Lohan’s treatment. Initially, the actress was scheduled to attend an entirely different facility in New York, but because of a disagreement over cigarettes and ADHD medication, she impulsively changed plans and headed to California.

According to TMZ, both attorneys for the city of Los Angeles and the city of Santa Monica were given an option by the judge to protest the alteration, but both ultimately decided to approve the measure, likely because of the incredible history of success the Betty Ford Clinic has.

Throughout her life, Lohan has been to rehab on six different occasions. If the actress herself is to be believed, however, she’s better now than she’s been in years and isn’t struggling with drugs or alcohol in the slightest. In fact, she seems to think she’ll skate through her ninety days in lockdown and emerge on the otherside of treatment without any desire to use on a regular basis again.

On the one hand, I want to believe Lohan. I want to think she’s ready to finally grow up and that she’s past flushing her opportunities down the toilet to bad behavior. I want to believe this time in rehab will be her last. On the other hand, however, we’ve been done this road before, and yet, here she is again.

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Will This Be Lindsay Lohan's Last Time In Rehab?

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