It’s been a horrendous week for Lindsay Lohan. Just days after the starlet’s performance in Liz & Dick was savaged by the majority of critics, she was arrested Thursday morning in New York City for fighting a noted psychic, allegedly over a conversation she had with Max George from The Wanted. The whole thing sounds really sophomoric, stupid and Lohan-ish, but if her attorney is to be believed, she’s actually the real victim.

Following the incident, Mark Heller released a statement obtained by the Associated Press and The Los Angeles Times in which he argues his client is a victim of a woman “trying to capture (her) fifteen minutes of fame”. The fact that the police didn’t notice anything beyond very minor injuries on the alleged victim when they took Lindsay in is evidence for the lawyer’s theorem. Unfortunately, the fact that she was arrested at all is just as much evidence for the other side. It’s not like they just haul people in blindly without doing some kind of footwork.

Authorities are currently checking the security footage at the club to try and figure out exactly what caused Lindsay to allegedly hit the victim. Her attorney thinks the clip will prove she’s the real victim, but given the sheer number of times she’s been arrested for doing stupid shit in the past, it’s hard to blindly give her the benefit of the doubt.

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Is Lindsay Lohan The Real Victim?

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