Within a few weeks, the Santa Monica City Attorney is expected to file formal charges against Lindsay Lohan related to her accident on the Pacific Coast Highway over the summer, and when they do, the actress’ probation will reportedly be revoked by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge. If that happens, the Mean Girls star will likely spend real time in jail and wind up having to deal with the court system for many extra years to come.

Obviously, nothing about this ruling is official at this hour. The powers that be in Santa Monica or Los Angeles could change their minds, but if the current path is followed, TMZ claims the probation will be revoked by Judge Jane Godfrey. That would trigger a full review hearing in which the actress could potentially be forced to serve out her entire punishment for the jewelry theft case.

This is why talking to the police without a lawyer present is a bad idea. Even if you want to be helpful and share everything you know, bring along an attorney who can stop you before saying something incriminating. Lindsay has been accused of plenty of nonsense in her day. This accident should have just been a minor blip on the radar, but thanks to her claim that she wasn’t driving, it may well put her in jail.

We’ll keep you updated.

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